At Banfield Carpentry, we have converted many lofts to increase available space in your home as an alternative to moving property. As your family grows, you need more living space; newborns need a nursery, teens need their own room, yours parents may need to move in with you, perhaps you might need home office space for a home business.

Attic or Loft Conversion
A loft conversion simply turns your existing attic space into a new suite of rooms. The most common conversion includes a bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Depending on the roof work needed, a conversion lets you add to your living space or storage space.¬†Adding living space and additional bathrooms increases your home’s value, should you decide to move in the future.

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Design Types
Three essential design types for attic conversation exist:

  • room in roof,
  • dormer loft extension,
  • raising the roof.

Each design type requires the same basic structural changes, but the dormer option and raising the roof both add requirements to the list. They each require:

  • floor reinforcement,
  • skylights,
  • insulation,
  • a staircase to access it,
  • electrical, lighting and heating,
  • fire safety measures such as smoke alarms.

A dormer loft extension requires all of the above plus dormer windows. The raising the roof design literally requires removing the existing roof and replacing it with a roof of greater height, plus all of the above requirements.

An attic conversion provides you with additional space for a growing family. You won’t need to move. It lets you expand your home without the expense of expanding the foundation which adding a room or addition to the ground floor requires. It improves your home’s resale value while giving you new space to enjoy until then. Investing in a loft or attic conversion provides many benefits with zero downside.

There are many considerations before taking on a loft conversion, but we are very happy to come to your property and take a look for you to give you a better understanding of whats required as every home is different and there are a variety of ways you can use the available space more efficiently. Check out the loft conversion page for more information.